How To

Get some useful tips and advise in fashion and make your lives easier on a daily basis. How to put looks together, what colors complement your skin-tone and so much more. 

"Beautiful architecture from the different places I've lived in and luxury boutiques are what inspired me to love fashion as much as I do. I want to use this knowledge I've learned over the years to help others."

- NTH, Founder

Concierge - Personalized Service

We all know how frustrating it is when the sales assistant tells you “it’s sold out” or “it’s not available in your size”. Email us and we’ll do the best we can to make it happen and ship it right to your door.

"I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the woman I dress."

-Alexander McQueen

TFM's Virtual Closet

Looking for what's trending in all the fashion online websites can be exhausting, so we created this virtual closet to include what we love that's out there right now. We have a exclusive page of clothing that would suit a woman wearing a Hijab. 

The Fashion Manual

I keep asking myself this question why do I love fashion as much as I do? Influence has played a big role in why I love fashion. My mother, for sure is one of my biggest influencers. Watching her as a child, putting looks together so easily always amazed me. I remember her being so in love with Fendi coats in the late 90’s, Moschino suits and D&G outfits. I used to spend my weekends as a child at the Centro in Rome, shopping with my mom. While she was trying on clothes I would be at the shoe salon playing with the shoes and pretending they were dolls. I didn’t understand fashion as a kid but I knew I liked going into their beautifully furnished boutiques.

My mom and I used to sit at the balcony of our Rome apartment sharing a Marie Claire, Vogue, and Elle. It was all in Italian we didn't understand, so we never read the article we just admired the beautiful spreads and wanted to see the upcoming trends. It was always a great way for us to bond. She would always ask me what looks were my favorite. She would always complement me on my picks and tell me that I had a gift in fashion.

In high school, I found myself the farthest thing away from fashion but started to love graphic design. I would always admire food packaging and menus from restaurants or critic logos. I decided to study graphic design at university and to be honest I believed I was actually good at it.

When I graduated I knew that was what I wanted to do but I guess my creativity took me to a different place. I found myself absolutely in love with fashion all over again. The way it made me feel putting looks together for myself or others was the ultimate satisfaction. 

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